Lance Armstrong helnäck på cykeln

När jag satt och surfade på en singelspeed-sajt från Hong Kong (!!!) hittade jag den här bilden på Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong ad

Efter lite surfande hittade jag en enda sajt till som hade information om bilden. PÃ¥ koreanska…

Jag antar att det är till någon slags reklamkampanj men gick bet på att få reda på mer. Är det någon som vet vad bilden är för? Skriv en kommentar!

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  1. Fick detta från Garry Jones:

    Tack USENET. Där fick jag reda på fotografens namn

    Källa: Inlägg by Magilla

    ”That’s another cookie-cutter Annie Leibovitz ”portrait.” When she’s not plagiarizing Lewis Hines, she’s trying to make celebrities look deeper than a kiddie pool using all sorts of contrived poses. Most glue-sniffers in here who saw that photo checked ebay every day to see if they could bid on the saddle in that photo. ”

    och med en google sök så kom upp

    1 Bilden är från 1999

    och 2) följande artikel om bilden.

    NOVEMBER 7, 2003: ARTS
    Piece of Work
    Lance Armstrong by Annie Leibovitz

    Lance Armstrong
    Photograph by Annie Leibovitz, Oswald Gallery

    When I look at Lance Armstrong’s thighs I get weak in the knees. The sinuous calf, the knee straining like a neck … then those thighs. Naked, with tan lines, head down in the rain on the bike. This is the photography of Annie Leibovitz. It’s downtown at the Oswald Gallery, so you can see it on your lunch hour. Their new space on Congress Avenue houses a large collection of fine photography. There is only one Leibovitz there, and it’s a celebrity portrait, but it’s sweet!

    Annie Leibovitz stages her work carefully in a studio, arranging elaborate sets much like fashion(able) photographer/artist Matthew Barney. She makes people act, so glimpses of personality shine through. Lance Armstrong is the million-dollar man and will be for a while. He’s a national hero that appears in expensive car ads and attends charity events with Sandra Bullock. Since the picture was actually shot indoors and not at an actual race, the lighting is fairly even and bright, and Lance becomes a breathing emblem of toughness — an avatar of endurance. It’s easy to ignore the tan lines from those goofy spandex tights and the fake rain because those thighs don’t lie. I’m glad Lance has the confidence to do nudie photos. He’s a Texan after all. He’ll try anything once, or five times.


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