Tour de France 2013: Göran and the Mad Club

Tour de France 2013: Göran Sjödin. Photo: Christer Hedberg |

We’re not sure that we heard him right. He’s been cycling up Mont Ventoux, that much we heard. But hang on for a second. Multiple times? On the same day..?

Swedish rider Göran Sjödin tells us he’s just passed the test to be a member of the Bicinglette section of the Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux. In plain English, he’s been accepted as a double member of the Mad Club of Mont Ventoux.

To be a normal member, one needs to climb the three ascends of the mountains withing 24 hours. Göras has just done this twice. Within 24 hours. That sums up to a 272 kilometer ride with 8 886 meters ascended. Now, that’s an achievement!

© Christer Hedberg |

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